Way to Gwangju
Gwangju is well connected by plane, high-speed train (KTX) and express bus, with Seoul, Incheon, Busan and all other major cities easily accessible within a day's trip. The capital city, Seoul, is 290.9km away, and can be reached in one hour minutes by plane, three hours by KTX, and four hours by express bus. Port of entry to Korea and Incheon, 311.4km away, taking four hours by car and Busan 286.9 km away, requiring roughly four hours reaching Gwangju by car.

You can choose one of the three ways to reach Gwangju.

By Air (The easiest way)
Every international flight bound for Seoul arrives at the Incheon Int셪 airport. All domestic flights to Gwangju take off at Gimpo domestic airport. Therefore, everybody has to transfer from the Incheon Int셪 airport to the Gimpo domestic airport either by KORAIL airport railroad ( or Airport limousine service(bus). Domestic flights between Gimpo and Gwangju airport are available 7 times a day.

Departure 넂 Arrival Return Cycle/(required time) Operation Hours
Gimpo Airport 넂Gwangju 7 flights a day (55 minutes) 07:00~20:05
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When approaching from Incheon Int셪 airport to Gimpo airport(domestic), either KORAIL airport railroad
( or Airport limousine service will be available.

Guide to the airport Limousines service (Incheon Int셪 Airport 넂 Gimpo domestic airport)
Bus No. Bus Stop No. Interval Fare
6001 1st Floor 6A, 12B About 30 min KRW 5,000
6002 1st Floor 6B, 13A About 20 min KRW 5,000
6003 1st Floor 6A, 12B About 25~30 min KRW 5,000
6004 1st Floor 6A, 12B About 20 min KRW 5,000
6014 1st Floor 6A, 12B About 30 min KRW 5,000
Gimpo Airport
Limousine (Deluxe)
1st Floor 3B, 10A About 10~20 min KRW 6,500
Gimpo Airport
Limousine (Standard)
1st Floor 4B, 11A About 10~20 min KRW 6,500
The transfer takes about 40 min.

By Bus
Express buses are available at the Incheon Int셪 Airport, Muan airport, and Busan-Sasang to Gwangju bus terminal according to each arrival airport as below.
Departure 넂 Arrival Operation
Incheon Int’l Airport 넂 Gwangju 23 commutes/day 06:50~22:40 30~50
4 hours KRW30,900
Muan Int’l Airport 넂 Gwangju 3 commutes/day 35minutes KRW3,700
*Busan-Sasang 넂 Gwangju 23 commutes/day 06:10~22:30 30~40
3 hours KRW21,400
For the case of Muan airport, BUS to Gwangju bus terminal is available in the Muan airport at your arrival time. *Bus terminal in Busan-Sasang can be used for people landing on the Gimhae Int셪 airport and is 30minutes distance from Gimhae Int셪 airport by airport limousine.
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By KTX(Korea Train eXpress)
For boarding KTX, go first to Seoul station by KORAIL airport railroad (
), and transfer for Subway to Yongsan station (two station distance) from where the train to Gwangju depart. Get a ticket for Gwangju(Jeollanamdo) or Gwangjusongjeong (the station near the Gwangju airport and easy to transfer to SUBWAY to KDJ convention center, Gwangjucity map몼).
Train Stations Operation Interval Operation Hours Required Time
Yongsan 넂 Gwangju 9 commutes a day 06:20~20:50 2 hours
40 minutes
Yongsan 넂 Gwangjusongjeong 10commutes a day 05:20~21:40

Gwangju Metropolitan City

Gwangju Subway Line
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